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****Product Information Update****
It has been recently brought to our attention that the packaging on our Hot Cocoa line is mislabeled and is missing an ingredient from the ingredients list. The Brooklyn Bean hot cocoas do contain aspartame as one of the sweeteners in addition to cane sugar. We are taking swift corrective action to assure all packing has this updated information on it.

Warm your day with Cocoa

Campfire Hot Cocoa
We've captured one of the greatest tastes from the great outdoors and put it in a cup. Toasted marshmallows! Our Campfire cocoa brings the sweet flavors of toasted marshmallow, marvellously delicious milk chocolate, direct to your cup, just as nature intended.
Carnival Hot Cocoa
Who doesn't love eating gooey caramel candy or freshly made caramel popcorn at the local carnival? This salted caramel hot cocoa combines these sweet and salty notes with creamy chocolate flavor. It’s all the stuff you like about the carnival, minus those creepy carnies trying to guess your weight.
Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa
This is not Hot Cocoa like Mom used to make. This is a burst-of-super-cool-flavors-that-literally melt-in-your-mouth type of Hot Cocoa. We've used that special Brooklyn Bean flair to create a new take on hot cocoa and made some of the best tasting, uncommon cocoas around. Sitting down to a cup of Brooklyn Bean hot cocoa with marshmallows on a cold winter day is like drinking liquid heaven with fluffy little clouds. Get wrapped in the velvety, creamy deliciousness of our unique flavors with hot cocoas inspired by one of the most unique places in the world-Brooklyn!
Peanut Butter Cup Hot Cocoa
Peanut butter in your chocolate, chocolate in your peanut butter. We don’t care who got what in where. We’ve blended them both in liquid form to settle this battle once and for all.
Midnight Hot Cocoa
If you’re a lover of dark chocolate you’ll appreciate the rich decadence of this intense, silky hot cocoa that is as dark as night. Whether you are looking for a steaming cup of creamy cocoa to drink with your midnight snack or a soothing yet sophisticated bit of indulgence you will find that this tasty treat makes your day.
Mexican Cocoa
Since cocoa as a drink was first prepared in Mexico its fitting to bring a little south-of-the-border flavor to our hot cocoa line. Mexican chocolates are known for the different spices like cinnamon and chiles that are added to them to create intense tastes. Those flavors make this gourmet hot chocolate unlike anything you've tasted before. So grab life by the horns and sip something new. Oley!