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Our Videos

Beware before you buy!

Your new brewer may not work with all single serve cups!

Most of our products are of the single serve variety so imagine our surprise when we found out that our single serve cups might not work in the most popular single serve system! It seems like a lot of people feel the same way. We put this video together as a public service for consumer education. Enjoy!

Please note that Keurig® and Keurig 2.0 are a registered trademarks of Keurig Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Brooklyn Bean Roastery is not affiliated in any way with Keurig Green Mountain Corporation.



Wanna be a coffee expert?

Here's all you need to know in just 3 minutes

Whether you are sitting down to a relaxing mug of Vanilla Skyline or grabbing a quick cup of Cyclone on your way out the door, your probably aren’t thinking about what went into making that great tasting coffee your holding. Here is a peek inside the process that makes Brooklyn Bean Coffee so good.