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Give Mom A Coffee Break


What mom couldn’t use a good cup of coffee? And we’re not talking decaf. Most moms are so busy taking care of everybody else, that they forget all about that cuppa Joe until it’s lukewarm.

This Mother’s Day, tell us why that special mom in your life deserves to sit down, relax, and drink her coffee while it’s hot. We’ll give away a box of delicious Brooklyn Bean Roastery single serve coffee  + a Brooklyn Bean mug to keep it warm! We’re pretty sure she’s done a lot for you (and guzzled down more than a few lukewarm coffees in the process). So, you kind of owe her, right?

Rules: All entries must be submitted by 12 p.m. EDT on Sunday, May 10, 2015. Winning moms will be announced just in time for Mother’s Day dinner.
Winner will receive one 40 count variety box of Brooklyn Bean Roastery coffee & one Brooklyn Bean Roastery 16oz. mug.





We’ve hit 4,000 Facebook followers and released four new amazing flavors(MMMM …),

So isn’t it time for a giveaway?


BBR mug

We have launched four new super great coffees; Express-O, Cinnamon Subway, Coney Island Caramel, and Oh Fudge! and we are celebrating our getting 4000 FB page likes by giving them away!

4 Grand Prize Winners will receive a 40-count box of single serve Brooklyn Bean Roastery coffee, featuring our new flavors!

40 Runners Up will receive a promo four pack with our new flavors!

Congratulations To the winners!!

The four Grand Prize Winners Are:

Alicia Johnson
Julie Buss Stone
Diana Smith
Tatianna Oakley

The 40 Second Prize Winners Are:

Kimberly Ann
Katie  Armstrong
Kris Blanchard
natalie bowman
Leah Carpenter
Rilee Chastain
Susan Clarke-Jette
Lori Dengel
Kathleen Elizabeth Peek
Karen Frase Bunker
Patricia Goodman
Lea Harding
Frank Harrell
Judy Jacobs
Roy Krauthamer
Howell Lee
Anna Lee-Wong
Kara Lloyd
Morgan  MacKenzie
Jill Marie C
Brenda McCracken
Jeanine McGovern
Tracy McKinney
Beckie Missus-Aitch
Jerico Nyle
Erin O’Rourke
tracey pattison
Mike Polkki
Sharon Richards
Ani Seven
Delle Sherer
Liz Smallze
Jera Smith
Alma Squires
Scott Szalay
Jan Thoms
Sarah ‘Uramkin’ Austin
Kristina Vieweg
Jennifer Voorhees

Winners will be contacted via email for their shipping address