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For Immediate Release, September 15, 2014 

Article featured in authored by Teresa Novellino

How Brooklyn Bean Roastery elbowed and charmed its way into supermarkets

If you entered your office break room in the 1990s or the aughts, chances are good that you’d find a Keurig K-Cup machine and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters packets lined up beside it.

Commonplace now, they seemed the product of sheer wizardry at the time, appearing courtesy of professionals like Mayer Koenig, then a salesman , but one with a critical and entrepreneurial eye, who spotted what he decided was “this huge hole,” in the current offerings.

“It was a little too boring, and I saw that people were drinking differently in the K-cup format than they were elsewhere,” Koenig tells me. What if, he thought, there could be more artisan-inspired offerings, beyond the Green Mountain French vanilla and hazelnut flavors, for instance?

It was a Eureka moment and together with two other entrepreneur friends , the Brooklyn-born-and-bred trio in 2011 formed Two Rivers Coffee, which now sells its single-serve coffee cups in 4,000 retail outlets nationwide including chains such as Winn-Dixie, Jewel Osco, and HEB Groceryunder the name “ Brooklyn Bean Roastery.” Their idea was to bring highest quality Arabica coffee beans to single-serve coffee lovers, to be the artful craft beer to Green Mountain’s ubiquitous Budweiser.

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For Immediate Release, January 13, 2013, New York, NY. 

“You got a Single-serve Coffee Maker for theHolidays… So Now What?!” Brooklyn Bean Roastery Gives you some Ideas

This past holiday season, thousands of Americans gleefully tore through wrapping paper to discover a brand-new single-serve coffee maker.  Woo hoo!  But now that they’ve buzzed through their complimentary coffee included with the machine, they’ve been struck with a realization… “Hey, I’ve got to keep this bad boy stocked with coffee!  That’s going to get kind of pricey!  And… with a bazillion brands and flavors, what kind should I buy!?”  Brooklyn Bean Roastery the company that creates amazing single-serve coffees, has the answer.  Offering customers a delectable choice of roasts at a wallet-friendly price, single-serve newbies get a “whew” with their brew!  In fact, today, Brooklyn Bean launches a contest specially geared to these recent gift recipients!

To Enter, new single-serve coffeemaker owners simply upload a photo of themselves on Brooklyn Bean Roastery’s Facebook page ( taken this past holiday of them unwrapping their NEW single-serve coffee maker.  Each photo entry is eligible to win a sample pack – 40 cups, 12 great flavors, including Corner Donut Shop, Cyclone, Fuhgeddaboutit, Breakfast Blend, French Roast, Colombian, Boardwalk Blend Vanilla Skyline, Hazelnut, Maple sleigh, and Brooklyn Bridge blend from Brooklyn Beans Roastery.  Think of it as a A BONUS holiday gift! 

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OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, November, 14, 2012

Join Brooklyn Bean Roastery Coffee In Helping those Devastated by Hurricane Sandy

Now through January 2013, a portion of sales from every box of Brooklyn Bean Roastery’s Boardwalk Blend and Cylone blend coffees will be donated to the Brooklyn Recovery Fund, which financially supports community organizations providing relief to hard-hit New York communities such as Red Hook, Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Gerritsen Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Sheepshead Bay. Feel free to find more information about this important non-profit, here:

“We are incredibly grateful for the financial and in-kind contributions from our friends at the Brooklyn Bean Roastery. The Brooklyn Recovery Fund is providing short and long term support to those that have been hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy. 100% of contributions go directly to relief efforts in Brooklyn so you know that all of your money is helping Brooklynites get back on their feet. We cant think of a better partner than Brooklyn Beans as the relief and recovery head into the winter months.” Says Alex Villari- Vice President, External Affairs for the Brooklyn Community Foundation.


Drink some coffee and spread some warmth- Help in the much needed hurricane Sandy recovery efforts with the purchase of these two great roasts in single serve cups:

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Cyclone coffee, named for the iconic Coney Island Roller Coaster, which now sits amid devastation and debris. Officials still do now know what it will take to bring the amusement park back up and running.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Boardwalk Blend coffee, the name of this coffee tips its hat to the famous Coney Island boardwalk, home to dozens of stores and restaurants. Some places of business survived Sandy; others were heavily damaged by water and fast blowing sand and debris.

Across the country, with every sip of these coffees, people will now help rebuild an historic community.

Right after the hurricane struck, Brooklyn Bean Roastery sent brewers and thousands of single serve coffees, to evacuees in the large CUNY College shelter, as well as aid workers new to the area. With your help we’re taking that good-will one step further by providing much needed aid to the communities and small businesses effected by hurricane Sandy.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery products can be purchased in hundreds of locations across america or online at

Thank you in advance for helping us rebuild the place that thousands of people call home.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, November, 01, 2012

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Donates Thousands Of Single Serve Cups To New Yorkers Displaced By Hurricane Sandy

A loving cup. A city brimming with kindness. Yeah, we know New Yorkers can be a little rough around the edges most of the time.  But, nothing compares to their amazing kindness when faced with adversity.

Walking around NY this weekend, we saw trees uprooted, streets flooded, and homes and cars demolished.  We also saw strangers sharing sandwiches and handing out clothes and blankets.  Most of us here at Brooklyn Bean Roastery, were among the fortunate who dodged Sandy’s wrath, but we know others were not as lucky. In the wake of her devastation, thousands of evacuees have found safe havens anywhere they can, including at City University of New York (CUNY) colleges. York College in Jamaica, is currently providing shelter to nearly one thousand people.

We believe, at our core, that in trying times everyone must pitch in to help those in need. To do our part, in hopes of adding a smile or two, we sent thousands of single-serve Brooklyn Bean Roastery coffee cups, and two coffee brewers, to the folks who currently are calling York College their home away from home. We know this doesn’t replace what they have lost, but we hope the coffee will at least warm them through during yet another hard day.

Thank you to all of our friends and fans across the country for your thoughtful messages. We too send our own words of gratitude to the great people of New York and throughout the east coast who are making a bad situation brighter for those who need it most.

We raise our mugs to you.

~Brooklyn Bean Roastery

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Vending Times – Brooklyn Coffee Roaster Launches Keurig-Compatible Portion Packs

Issue Date: Vol. 52, No. 10, October 2012, Posted On: 9/21/2012

BROOKLYN, NY — Brooklyn Bean Roastery is rolling out a line of single-cup coffees compatible with Keurig brewers that use K-Cup portion packs.The Brooklyn roaster’s 100% Arabica single-cup selections are sold under the names Breakfast Blend (regular and decaf), Brooklyn Bridge Blend, Colombian, Boardwalk Blend, Corner Donut Shop, French Roast, Cyclone and Fuhgeddaboutit, along with flavored Vanilla Skyline, Maple Sleigh and hazelnut. The company said it will round out the line with teas and additional coffees by year-end.

The coffees are available on and at midwest Menards home improvement stores and will soon be sold at additional stores nationwide, according to the company

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, September, 06, 2012.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery
The Next, Best Generation of Single-Cup Coffee

Single cup, Keurig-compatible coffee is nearing $.75 per K-cup, making the process of brewing coffee in your home almost as expensive as ordering a cup of Joe at a high-end coffee house.

Brooklyn Bean Roastery [] is now introducing coffee compatible with the popular Keurig coffee maker*. Brooklyn Bean Roastery is offering single-serve coffee, at a significant savings, without sacrificing quality and taste.

All 12 varieties of Brooklyn Bean Roastery’s blends are carefully sourced and roasted before undergoing a revolutionary ‘roast2cup’ process that ensures a fresh cup of coffee every time. Brooklyn Bean Roastery is now available on and at select Midwest Menards home improvement stores.

“We only use 100% Arabica coffee, while still keeping our flavors true to our beloved New York borough, Brooklyn,” says Steven Schreiber, co-founder of Brooklyn Bean Roastery. “We provide coffee lovers both smooth, light blends that remind you of those quieter sections of town, and bold, dark blends that are reminiscent of the nitty-gritty areas.” Schreiber adds, “Brooklyn Bean Roastery – like Brooklyn – satisfies a variety of tastes and styles.”

Brooklyn Bean Roastery line up of single-cup flavors include: Breakfast Blend (regular and decaf), Brooklyn Bridge Blend, Colombian, Boardwalk Blend, Corner Donut Shop, French Roast, Cyclone, Fuhgeddaboutit, and the company’s flavored blends – Vanilla Skyline, Maple Sleigh, and Hazelnut. A complete tea and coffee line will be introduced before year’s end.

For more information, contact Orly Telisman at 312-375-1230 or via email at

*Keurig is a division of Green Mountain Roasters – NASDAQ: GMRC

About Brooklyn Bean Roastery: We’re three guys from Brooklyn who love coffee – it’s as simple as that. Together, we started Brooklyn Bean Roastery – pioneering the introduction of single-serve coffee to the market. With decades of experience in product engineering (yes, we are also nerds), our unique tension-based ‘roast2cup’ technology ensures every cup of coffee tastes as fresh as the first. Brooklyn Bean Roastery uses only the highest quality Arabica coffee beans to create gourmet, yet affordable blends for single-serve coffee lovers. We grew up with an appreciation for quality, originality, and local pride and we’ve based our company on those values. Stop by for a chat and some laughs at