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Randy says:

Just tried your product for first time and it’s now my fav!! I am having trouble locating it locally here in Wisconsin but I’m sure that will change. Thanks for such a fine coffee!!

Sam Blaney says:

Hi Randy! So Glad you found us! Most of the Brooklyn Bean products can be found locally in Wisconsin at all Menard’s locations.

April Andersen says:

I want to try the Coney Island Caramel, but I am deathly allergic to artificial sweeteners, including Splenda and acesulfame potassium, and any sugar alcohols that end in “tol”. Any of these in your flavoured coffees??

Brooklyn Beans says:

No Brooklyn Bean coffees contain any sweeteners of any kind. Enjoy!

Roberta says:


I love your roasts! I just got a variety pack and before I try your flavored ones like the caramel, vanilla, maple, etc….I have to check on something. Is there dairy or soy in the flavored coffees? I don’t need to know secret recipes or anything. :) I just need to know if it’s safe for me to drink. If not, I’ll stick to your non-flavored roasts which are awesome anyway! :)

Thanks! :)

Brooklyn Beans says:

Thanks for the love!! There are no soy or dairy products in any of our current coffees. Drink up, worry free.

Gail Miller says:

I would love to get a quantity of Maple Sleigh less than 40. Is it available?

Brooklyn Beans says:

Yes, but only in retail stores. Click on our “Available Locations” link to see if there is a store near you that carries Brooklyn Bean products.

Cyndi says:

I hope to see a spice flavored coffee for the colder months. You’re coffee is my family’s new favorite but we also look forward to the spice blends in the fall.

Brooklyn Beans says:

No spice flavors but stay tuned- we will have some winter only flavors coming out in the next months.

Skylar Forrest says:

Love Maple Sleigh and Vanilla Skyline! Would LOVE to see more flavors e.g., Swiss Chocolate Almond, Caramel, Blueberry, Chocolate Raspberry…to name a few faves. Thx :)

Brooklyn Beans says:

Your in luck Skylar! Four new flavors ( Coney Island Caramel, Subway Cinnamon, Oh Fudge!, and Express-o) should be available on Amazon by mid September and in most local retailers that carry BBR by the end of the month.

Patrice Watson says:

We bought your k-cups from Amazon this last month. We got the variety pack and I don’t think there was one the we didn’t like. We are big coffee fans and not Starbucks. We feel that a lot of coffees have turned to the Starbucks burnt coffee taste and it was so refreshing to find your coffee. My husband just now said to me “it’s the best coffee I’ve had in a long time, it brings back so many memories”. We have just one complaint. You only have the k-cups. We wish that you sold the beans. We have come to love grinding our own beans. Thank you for this wonderful coffee.

Brooklyn Beans says:

Thank You Patrice,

We do not plan on offering whole beans in the near future but we do have bagged coffee gronds in the works for you slow drip lovers. Stay Tuned!

Carol Pacey says:

Would like to have more decaf varieties!

Brooklyn Beans says:

Carol, We are working on a Fuheddaboutit dark roast decaf and so far, its delish! Look out for it in October on Amazon and local stores that carry Brooklyn Bean coffees.

Kristi says:

As a Menards team member, just wanted to let you know that at our store location, we are behind you 100%! I tried your product, I told a few friends, and so and so on, to quote that old commercial. You now have many fans in our Menards family. I recommend your product to everyone, even though I am in the floorcoverings department!

Brooklyn Beans says:

We are feelin the coffee love! Thank you soooo much and we are glad you are enjoying our brews.

Lou Bartolomeo says:

retired out of Park Slope in 2004 and never heard of your product until I received a variety pack from my daughter at Christmas. By far one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. The Maple and Vanilla Skyline are just two of the best that I’ve tasted. Need all the reminders of Brooklyn and back home that I can get after retiring to South Florida. Excellent stuff!!

Brooklyn Beans says:

Thank you Lou, Glad you are enjoying the flavors of Brooklyn!

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