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French Roasts

La vie de Brooklyn…Savor the smoky-sweet, light bodied flavor of this intense roast. Strong, yet smooth, this blend is the perfect complement to croissant and crullers, alike. What do we say to say to people who like our French Roast?

Merci, or course!

French Roast
Coffee roasting is an art, and our French Roast is a masterpiece worthy of The Met. We start with our finest Arabica beans, then roast them to perfection to draw out the intense, smoky flavors beloved by serious coffee drinkers the world over. Whether you’re on the go or have time to savor every sip, French Roast will satisfy your craving for a no-nonsense cup of joe.

Brooklyn Bean single serve coffee cups available in these sizes:


12 Ct. Box


40 Ct. Box