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Flavored Variety Pack
There's nothing like a Cup of fresh and lightly roasted coffee enveloped with irresistible flavors and velvety aromas wafting through the air. Brooklyn Bean flavored coffees go through extensive taste testing and refinement to get the perfect mild, balanced blend base and combine it with a  variety of gourmet natural flavorings to produce a treat for your taste buds that can be enjoyed anytime of the day or night. The Flavored Variety Pack includes: Vanilla Skyline, Maple Sleigh, Cinnamon Subway, Coney Island Caramel, Oh Fudge, Hazelnut.
Medium Variety Pack
Like standing in a subway car and holding on to the above-the-head grab bar, making a great medium roast requires a bit of a balancing act. You want to get a strong, rich flavor that stays smooth and has a very even texture all at the same time. Each of the Brooklyn Bean mediums are specially crafted to bring out a perfect balance of crisp nuttiness and full- bodied smoky flavor for the most extraordinary tasting stuff in a cup. The Medium Variety Pack includes: Boardwalk Blend, Brooklyn Bridge Blend, Colombian, Corner Donut Shop.
Breakfast Variety Pack
Brooklyn isn't known for being mild but we've toned it down a little for our BBR Light Roast to produce an impeccably balanced coffee with a light, crisp taste. It is full-bodied with character and a hint of robust nutty overtones, but it's flavor is light with a mild  finish and aroma. The Breakfast Variety Pack includes: Boardwalk Blend, Breakfast Blend, Breakfast Blend Decaf, Brooklyn Bridge Blend.
Bold Variety Pack
In Brooklyn, we know a thing or two about being bold and when we say this coffee is bold you betta believe it's bold. To get a perfect dark roast, the beans are removed from the roasters right before they get to their peak roasting point. This helps them retain their sharp floral notes and all the smoky goodness without any of the burnt aftertaste. When these beans with big-time flavor are brewed through our patented tension- based filters, they create a Cup of Joe that will delight lovers of good strong coffee. The Bold Variety Pack includes: Cyclone, Express-o, French Roast, Fuhgeddaboutit.