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Will Brooklyn Beans Single Serve Coffee Cups work in my Keurig brewer?

Yes. Brooklyn Bean Roastery is not affiliated with Keurig or the Green Mountain Coffee roasters company but the single serve cups will work in standard Keurig brewers. They will not however, work in the Vue system.

Do any of the coffees contain either artificial flavorings or dairy/soy products?

All of the Brooklyn Bean Roastery coffees are made with 100% Arabica beans. The flavored varieties contain natural and artificial flavorings. There are no soy or dairy products in any of our current coffees.

Do the flavored coffees contain any sugar or sweeteners?

No. Our coffees do not have any added sugars or sweeteners and as such are also calorie free. The addition of milk and sugar in a cup of coffee however, will add calories – but may be worth it:)

What are “Arabica Beans”?

Arabica coffee is the seed from the fruit of the Arabica species of coffee tree. Arabica trees produce a fine quality coffee and require special soil conditions, high altitudes (4,000 – 6,000 feet above) and just the right balance of warmth and moisture.