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Speak Out: Put the Kabosh on the Keurig Monopoly


Whether you’re just seeing it now or have bMonopolysmeen brewing over it since the announcement months ago, Keurig’s choice to create a Keurig 2.0 machine that only takes exclusive, “approved” k-cups probably has you wondering: What happens now for Brooklyn Bean Roastery and other independent single-serve coffee pod producers?

 The truth is, not much.
Although Keurig is trying to monopolize the market and restrict consumer choice, which ultimately will result in skyrocketing prices, we don’t think they’ll be successful because independent companies like BBR are thriving and monopolies are a major no-no.
Keurig has “licensed” and approved k-cups, but 25 percent of those available in your local grocery store are non-licensed. Likewise, roughly five new non-licensed brewers are coming to the market over the next few months, which will give consumers the option to buy a Keurig that is compatible with 75 percent of the cups on the market or an alternative that is compatible with 100 percent of the options.
To top it all off, Keurig is being sued for unfair business practices and trying — very openly — to create a monopoly.
What can you do to support Brooklyn Bean Roastery, other independent coffee companies, and, of course, your personal choice? Express your outrage on social media and pass on k-cups with the Keurig “seal” of approval. Let your friends, family, and coworkers know that Keurig is trying to take choice away so they can make more money, control prices, and monopolize the market.
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